Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Eeny Meeny Miny Wineo

We've all been there...just staring at the wines on the shelf, having no clue what to get.  Yet with a few simple guidelines you can narrow the quest down and get out of the aisle in record time.

Start with what you have in mind for this wine: dinner, patio, conversation.  Now pull up those positive experiences which worked well.  For example, say I am thinking of some wine and cheese on the patio.  In this case, I may choose a Savignon Blanc, remembering how good it tasted the last time. 

Ok.  So that's a white wine.  You just narrowed your selection down.  Next recall where that wine was produced.  New Zealand in this case.  Great, look for New Zealand on the label of any Sav Blancs.

While you don't often know what a particular wine will taste like, yet if you recall what region or town your last Sav Blanc came from, you can look for that on the back label.

All of this means that you continue to accumulate knowledge of certain wines you like.  Basically, you look for the varietal (grape) you like and your favorite region that produces that wine.  Mostly, be bold and try new wines...who knows you may find your next favorite wine.

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