Saturday, March 4, 2017

From Ashland to the World of Wine

The Rogue Valley AVA (the Applegate Valley AVA is a sub-ava) is not a one-trick pony.  We run the gambit from A (Albarino) to Z (Zinfandel), and many more. 

Many wine regions of the world are confined to a few specific variatels, such as the Mosel River in Germany, where there's a lot of Reisling.

Around these parts, it seems that only the winemakers imagination is the only limit.  For the wine tourist this is heaven.  Travel the wine world with grape varietals from France, Spain, Italy, South Africa, and Germany to name a few.

For those fortunate enough to have visited the "Motherland" of a wine, tasting local wines bring back fond memories of those travels.  Now you can add the Rogue Valley AVA on your list of world wide wines!

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