Monday, December 26, 2016

Wine and Cheese

I don't know about you, but having a good chunk of cheese with my favorite wine makes for a delightful tasting experience.  With that in mind, my wine tours will be featuring local cheeses that pair well with the wines offered while out tasting at the wineries.

One benefit of having a cheese to try with your wine is to help balance the tannins in the wine.  For some, tannins are a hurdle to cross in enjoying the wine.  Tannins can be a bit "scratchy" and detract from the overall tasting experience,  Add the right cheese and those tannins will mellow out and you can concentrate on the fruit flavors of the wine.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Growing Pains

A little tongue and check to start out my new Splash Blog.

The fact is that we here in America are still learning the ropes about wine.  True there's always been those folks that "got it", like Thomas Jefferson.  On the whole though, the American public have a few hurdles to cross before we catch back up with Europe.

Here in Oregon we are moving forward nicely.  Our new modern era began in 1961 with Richard Sommer in the Umpqua Valley AVA.  The real start for that quaff we call wine began in 1856 with Paul Britt in Jacksonville, Oregon.

Plan a visit to our wine country to discover "more than Pinot" in Oregon!