Tuesday, February 11, 2020

World Wide Wine Visa

Wine is an expression of the particular land it grows on.  The French call this "terroir."   You can say wine is of a place.

That place is some vineyard in some country.  Wine grows all over the Earth in many places you wouldn't expect.  It even grows in Central Oregon!

If you understand this, then when you come across a nice Chianti in the store and take it home, you have just purchased a trip to Italy.  Or should we say that Italy has come to you inside that bottle.

Now if you've been to Tuscany then you can play a little mind game and as you taste the wine send yourself back to that Sunny day you had sat outside in the vineyard with a good friend to enjoy that same wine. 

Imagination is key to enjoying wine.  You can relive pleasant memories you've had with a favorite grape varietal in your own backyard!