Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ashland Wine Tasting Party

I have a motto: "Everyone knows how to Drink wine; Very few people know how to Taste wine."

It's really very simple, if no one ever taught you how to taste wine, then likely you learned by watching others that never learned how.

So what's the big deal you say?  The short answer is: if you are simply "downing" your wine, then you are missing so much of the pleasure of wine that comes from the thoughtful tasting of wine.  The pleasure comes from the aromas and hundreds of compounds found in wine.

I am offering to come to your home to share my "Wine Tasting 101 Seminar" that I have developed over the many years of exploring the world of wine and guiding hundreds on my tours.  These "parties" are offered in the Rogue Valley AVA surrounding Medford, Oregon.

The seminar consists of the how and why of tasting, "practice" with a local red and white wine, history of Oregon wine and a Q & A session.  The class takes approximately one hour and costs $200, including two bottles of local wine.