Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Rogue and Applegate: Winescape!

Wine, for me, is all about Place.  Buy a bottle of Chianti, it's a cheap trip to Italy.

These are distinctions only the Mind can produce for us.  Transporting us to other lands as we relax in our own backyards.  Wine seems to understand this, and gladly exhibits the characteristics of the Place it was made. We just need to play along!

This is why I enjoy discovering new wine regions, it's all about the countryside...the Place.  And what one finds there are the workings of the farmer as they steward the vine. 

Here on the West Coast you will find the ubiquitous Water Tower, a stalwart feature of the rural farm.  Today these old structures still dot the winescape.  A reminder that someone had to grow that grape.

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