Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wine: More than a Beverage

Spring is coming, at least it has in the past.  And with the Sun returning to our vineyards, the vines are anxious to get started on this year's vintage.

The vines understand this cycle of replenishing the supply of wine for the fortunate humans who discovered long ago that wine is more than a beverage.  Wine is a gift from the God's.

Dionysus was the name that the early beneficiaries of wine gave to the idea that something grand was happening with this juice.
It's hard to say which came first; the idea of the elevated status of fermented grape juice or; the effects of drinking said juice.

Consider the fact that whole cultures thought enough of what they were drinking to relegate the mysterious effects to the Heavens.  It was good to know that you had your own God looking out for your welfare.

Today we must be careful not to lose the passion that surrounds wine.  If you can see the work Nature in that glass of wine you had for dinner, you can belong to the long tradition of seeing the hand of God in the bottle.

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