Saturday, January 18, 2020

Oh yea,. well take this Tax!

"Effective October 18, 2019, the US Trade Representative's Office imposed a new 25% value-added tax (i.e., import tariffs) on a wide range of European products (including French wine, Italian cheese and single malt Scotch whisky) to penalize EU subsidies for Airbus.  EU has made counter-claims against the US subsidies for Boeing.  A ruling by WTO on EU's counter-claims is expected in the spring of 2020."

When children run the White House, then you get schoolyard retaliation against the French in particular and their wine exports.  What punishing the American wine industry that is linked to its survival to the World Wine Market  and the French has to do with Airplanes I do not know.

If you'd like to do more than sit back and watch the likes of D. Trump rack havoc with the wine industry,  while no doubt helping some of his Boeing buddies with a good belly laugh, then write to hopefully somewhat more sane congress members and suggest that this tax fiasco will harm not only France but the many American wine distributors that will be put out of business while the White House is flexing its muscle.

Here is a list of the Congress:

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